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The Sounds of Ice

In sound installations on January 23, 2011 at 8:08 pm

Ice harps! Ice chimes! Ice vibes!

Here in the Northeast, where we’re bracing more single-digit temps, ice is everywhere. And if you can’t escape the ice, I always say, you might as well listen to it in the form of elaborately sculpted musical instruments. The above clip features the ice instruments of Norwegian composer Terje Isungset who’s been building them since 1999. Fascinatingly, though I guess not surprisingly, the instruments always sound different, dependent upon the weather.

I first saw this on the always interesting Everyday Listening, which has been working overtime on the ice-sound front. It also has this great clip of an sound installation that processes the audio of melting ice. It’s by Jonathon Kirk and Lee Weisert: